Bestop Sailcloth Replace-A-Top

The Rolls Royce of Jeep soft tops

The Sailcloth Replace-a-top™ is the quietest top on the market. The secret to this Jeep soft top lies in the unique multi-ply Sailcloth fabric. Each ply plays a different role, but together they reflect road sounds, absorb wind noise, and prevent buffeting to create a silencing effect that absolutely must be heard to be believed. In addition, the beefier Sailcloth fabric resists temperature-induced shrinkage, making cold-weather installations much easier. This Jeep soft top shows fewer waves and wrinkles than conventional soft tops and cleans more easily to help make your Jeep look really sharp.

The Sailcloth Jeep soft top is available for Wrangler '88-'95, Wrangler '97-'02, and Wrangler '03-'05.

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